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Clearwater Salt Cells

  Clearwater and Zodiac Replacement Salt Cells at a Fraction of the cost

2 Year Warranty With All Of Our Clearwater Salt Cells 

Is it time to replace your Clearwater salt cell? Salt cells last for many years but the time comes when you need a new one. If you usually buy genuine products from the manufacturer, here’s an intriguing alternative. Getting a generic Clearwater cell or Zodiac cell from gives you all the quality of the genuine item but at a far lower price.

The generic salt cells we offer for sale online are produced to the same high specifications as the factory product and will give you the same years of outstanding usage. We back up all our products with a full two-year warranty so you can always buy with confidence from us.. . 



With chlorinators you get a simple and convenient alternative to buying and storing bags of chlorine. You also avoid the sore eyes and skin problems that chlorine can cause. Another big plus is that chlorinators are more economical. This is especially so if you source your Clearwater salts cells from us.

Clearwater Salt Cell Buyer’s Guide

You have two options when it comes to acquiring replacement Clearwater salts cells - genuine and generic. The good news is that generics are every bit as good as the originals, they just cost far less. If you’re ready to start saving on your salt cell bills while enjoying the same quality, it’s time to start buying your cells from Just choose your model and place your order. We’ll deliver to wherever you are in Australia.

When you want to buy low-priced replacement salt cells, including Clearwater cells, from a reputable online vendor, get in touch with We’re part of an Australian swimming pool business based in Newcastle NSW and offer high quality salt cells at the best prices in the whole country 

 Our Generic Salt Cells are a realistic alternative to expensive genuine cells at a fraction of the cost. Made with SUPERIOR PLATE and 2 year warranty with all of our salt cells on domestic use. 1yr warranty on commercial use.