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Crystal Clear Salt Cells

Generic Replacement Crystal Clear Salt Cells at a Fraction of the cost

2 Year Warranty With All Of Our Crystal Clear Cells 

If it’s time to replace your Crystal Clear salt cell, here’s some good news for you. By making your purchase of a generic salt cell here at our website, you’ll get a high quality product at a price far cheaper than you’d pay for a genuine cell.

The generic type of Crystal Clear cell we sell here at is every bit as good as the genuine item. They’re produced to the same high standards and will give you years of happy use. In fact,  we offer a two year warranty on all our generic cells so you can go ahead and buy with full confidence. We stand behind all our products 100% and are committed to giving our customers the salt cells they deserve at the best prices available.


Crystal Clear Cell Benefits

If you ever used regular chlorine to keep your pool hygienic, you know how much more convenient chlorinators from reputable firms such as Crystal Clear are. They virtually run themselves, quietly keeping your pool water clean and fresh but without any of the side effects associated with regular chlorine. Chlorinators are also more economical. That’s especially true if you order your replacement Crystal Clear cell here on our website.

Crystal Clear Salt Cell Buyer Guide

A replacement Crystal clear cell can be bought either as a genuine factory item or as a generic product. Generic cells are made by third party manufacturers to the same quality specifications as the original product so you can sure you’re getting a first class product. The only difference is that you’ll be paying far less.

Ordering is simple. Just identify the right model of Crystal Clear salt call and make your purchase on our secure server. We’ll deliver your salt cell to your home in a few days. We think you’ll agree it’s far more convenient than driving down to the shops.

When you want to buy low-priced replacement salt cells, including Crystal Clear cells, from a reputable online vendor, get in touch with We’re part of an Australian swimming pool business based in Newcastle NSW and offer high quality salt cells at the best prices in the whole country. 

 Our Generic Salt Cells are a realistic alternative to expensive genuine cells at a fraction of the cost. Made with SUPERIOR PLATE and 2 year warranty with all of our salt cells on domestic use. 1yr warranty on commercial use.