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Poolrite / Enduro / Surechlor Salt Cells

 Generic Poolrite Replacement Salt Cells at a Fraction of the cost

2 Year Warranty With All Of Our Poolrite, Surechlor, Enduro Salt Cells 

If you’re looking to buy a high quality replacement Poolrite salt cell, we can deliver just what you need at prices that will make you smile. Simply choose your model of Poolrite cell from below and place your order for fast delivery.

Our generic replacement salt cells are crafted to the same high standards as the original and are guaranteed to give you years of excellent service. In fact, we offer a full two-year warranty on all our generic salt cell elements so you can buy from us with confidence. We offer generic replacement salt generator cells at a fraction of the cost. 

 Our Generic Salt Cells are a realistic alternative to expensive genuine cells at a fraction of the cost. Made with SUPERIOR PLATE and 2 year warranty with all of our salt cells on domestic use. 1yr warranty on commercial use.