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There are many advantages to using a Salt Chlorinator over more traditional sanitizers. For instance, using a salt system gives you extra time for enjoying your pool rather than fussing with water chemistry every day. After you add your first batch of salt, you shouldn’t have to add more salt for at least three months (Don't forget to test your water). In addition to that, you shouldn’t have to replace your salt cell for 5-6 years. Using salt makes your pool water feel smoother, look cleaner, and lessens skin and eye irritation. Being an alternative sanitizer, salt chlorine generators reduce the usage of chemicals and waste and are better for the environment. And to top it all off, the overall savings make these low maintenance and eco-friendly products well worth the investment.

So, now you know something as simple as salt can be just what you and your family have been looking for in a pool. Remember, if you need any help deciding you can always contact one of our knowledgeable specialists at 0477 221 630

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